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Busy with Gaming

  The club has had lots of gaming activity already this far into 2015. February saw Dathus X being run, a Warhammer 40K tournament that saw 38 competitors playing over Feb 14th and 15th. The event was won by Jarryd Wucherpfennig with his Dark Eldar. The Lightspeed competition was run on March 14th for X-Wing with the Imperials winning and Michael Buckley taking the best pilot championship. The next Warhammer competition, MonkeyCon,  is scheduled in April while another Lightspeed will appear at the end of the year. There is likely to also be at least another Malifaux competition.

  Inside the club the ongoing Warhammer 40K competition has seen many players coming in. An ANZAC themed series of battles are planned for the end of April. Members are interested in seeing Infinity grow in the club with a slow grow league.

  As always people also have a large range of games to select from and the club is happy to help everyone learn or share their favourite systems.

Reduced entry 2015

From January 1st to June 30th we'll be charging 50% of our club fees for new members. This will be $40 for Seniors and $20 for Juniors.

Additionally until Jan 31st you'll have the opportunity to pay $100 to cover all of your door fees until June 30th 2015 regardless of how many visits you make.

Finally the Open Day was a big success. It was great to have everyone turn up and participate in the games. Find photos from the event in our photo gallery.

Open Day 2014, October 26th

Here is a sample of some of the demo and participation games that will be running:

  •  SAGA
  • Heavy Gear
  • Dystopian Wars
  • Flames of War Vietnam
  • Malifaux
  • Song of Blades and Heroes
  • Space Hulk
  • Fields of Glory
  • Muskets and Tomahawks
  • DBA

There will also be traders and our bring and buy table. A selection of the club members models will be on display.

Entry for the day is free. Come in an enjoy the fun of the hobby.

Club Game Survey

A recent games survey of our members was held to find the most commonly played games at the club over 2014. We had 21 responses.

The most popular gaming system was Lasalle followed by De Bellis Antiquitatis and Malifaux.

The next most common block included Fields of Glory ancients and renaissance, Fire and Fury, Saga, Flames of War and On to Richmond!.

The less common block included Infinity, Maurice, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, X-Wing, Warhammer 40K, Black Powder, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, Dystopian Wars, Force on Force and Trafalgar.

A few of the rare games were Bolt Action, Dust Warfare, Kings of War, Longstreet and Muskets & Tomahawks.

June 2014, Painting Tattoo Results

Thanks everyone who put entries in the Painting Tattoo.

The results from each category are:

1st - Taliban Soldiers, Marcus (Eureka)
2nd - Tiger Tanks, Greg
3rd - El Alamein 9th Div, Daniel  (Battlefront)
Club favourite - Taliban, Marcus (with El Alamein one vote behind)

1st - Orcs, Lance (Mix of Citadel and Mantic)
2nd - Goblin Bayou, Paul  (Wyrd)
3rd - Morgul Horde, Greg (Citadel)
Club favourite - Ogre army, Darryl (Citadel)

1st - Dust Axis, Lance (Dust Studios)
2nd - Ork Army, Travis (Citadel)
3rd - Battlefleet Gothic, Daniel (Citadel)
Club favourite - Dust Axis, Lance

1st - Lord of the Rings last stand, Greg  (Citadel)
2nd - Drake Mountain Lords, Lance  (Action Games Miniatures)
3rd - Goblin Bayou, Paul (Wyrd)
Club Favourite, 7RAR and LAV, Daniel

1st - Imperial Guard Cav, Greg (Eureka)
2nd - Agincourt English, Lance
3rd - Later Pre-Islamic Arabs, Marcus (Essex)
Club Favourite - Later Pre-Islamic Arabs, Marcus

Thanks for everyone who put an entry in. Photos will be available shortly.

May 2014


 This years AGM will be held at the club on June 25th. Nominations for positions need to be submitted in writing (including email) by June 11th. If you aren't able to attend please indicate who is handling your proxy votes. Don't forget that if you do attend there are free refreshments from the club and you can enter into the Armies on Parade painting competition for free.

Armies on Parade

Club members are invited to put their armies on display before the meeting. Competition judging will begin at 7:30 and entry is free for everyone who attends the AGM.  There are five categories that you into. You can enter any number of categories  but are only allowed one entry in each.


    This category will cover all armies themed around science-fiction organised in at least platoon or company size. The category will also cover any Weird War II armies. It'll include categories such as Warhammer 40K, Warpath, Heavy Gear, Robotech, Dust Warfare etc.

Fantasy Army
    Entries in this category are based on block formation armies as seen in games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Kings of War, Hordes of the Things or Lord of the Rings Battles. The category will also cover Steampunk armies such as Dystopian Wars. The armies can have fantastical components such as dragons.

Skirmish Warband
This category is for forces from skirmish sized wargames. This includes games such as Malifaux, Infinity, Drake or Ronin. Entries in this category cannot exceed 10 miniatures. Fantasy sports teams (Bloodbowl, Dreadball, etc.) are entered in this category too.

    This category is for any army that covers WWII or later conflicts, or modern or near-future conflicts. This covers armies used with a wide variety of rules such as Bolt Action, Chain of Command, Flames of War, Nuts!, Force on Force and others. This category includes naval and air forces.

    This category is for any historically based army from a period before WWII (including any conflicts preceeding 1939, such as the Spanish Civil War. It covers Renaissance, Medieval and Ancients armies. Rules sets for this period include Field of Glory, De Bellis Antiquitatis, Saga and Warhammer Historical. This category includes naval forces.

Each army may be accompanied by your own terrain or a display board. Miniatures can be in any scale for the categories, so 6mm Epic is allowed against 32mm Dust in Sci-Fi. Pre-paints can't be entered. Ideally people have painted their own army but armies painted by other people can be put in as your entry.

Each club member can enter one army in each category giving you five chances to win. Entries are to be put on display by 7:30pm. You don't have to register any armies before hand. Note that some armies may be able to eligible for multiple categories, for example a small Warmachine force could be considered a Skirmish force or a Fantasy force, but can only be entered in once category of the members choosing. Entry is free.

The best army prizes will be determined by the panel of judges. Judges will be examining the detail on each miniature as well as the look of the army in general. Where possible any historical accuracies for WWII/Modern and Historical will also be judged. As well as the judged results there will be a most popular prize as voted on by club members and a prize for a random voter. The prizes are gift vouchers to either The Hobby Matrix or Military Hobbies. Results will be announced before the AGM starts.

Northern Breach

Don't forget to check out our upcoming tournaments. Malifaux players will be interested in joining in on The Northern Breach for a day of competition on June 21st.


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