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The Crows are returning
The time for Feasting is nigh
The fields are drowned in blood
Now is the time for your enemies to die

A Kings of War 4 round competition with 2000 point armies. From 9am to 7pm.

$20 for Group Norh members, $25 for others. Food will be included in the entry fee.

See WargamerAu, Mantic or Facebook for further details.

The Players Pack is available.
Players Pack is yet to be released.

A brief summary of the missions are:
  • The Force Awakens F1: Ambush with 100 point Rebel (and 6 mine tokens) and 115 point Imperial (from Force Awakens missions). A dog fight in the middle of mine field.
  • Slave 1 Expansion Mission 5: Preystalker, 150 point Rebel to 90 point Imperial. Hunt down and destroy one target Rebel ship before your fleet is destroyed. Imperial player may field a Scum fleet instead.
  • Millennium Falcon Expansion Mission 4: Den of Thieves, 100 points each. Capture the cargo before it is escorted off the battlefield.
  • Mega Dogfight: 150 points with half fleet deployed at start and remainder arriving in round 3.
Missions will be reprinted in the players pack.

Players will be able to bring a different list to each scenario.

Lightspeed is a Rebel versus Imperial only competition. Upgrade cards from any set can be used. As this is not an FFG tournament event proxy cards are allowed to be used for upgrade cards; originals must be used by used for damage decks, ship cardboard overlays and movement dials. Proxies must match the size and display of the original cards (or FAQ updated views) to be used.


Here you will find a list of tournaments soon to be held at Group North.

If you wish to organise your own tournament then simply reserve a date by sending us an email to

 Be sure to check our Calendar of events first!

Provide us with a few details such as:

1) Proposed name and date of the tournament.

2) The games system the tournament is for.

3) A few basic details about the event.

Once the committee has approved your tournament and confirmed the date you will be notified by email.

 A guideline for hall hire regarding competitions can be downloaded


Email tournament details to


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